Be Light Compression isn’t just a sock company.

We are a wellness brand that wants you to know that you have the power within you to make positive change.

I started this company in 2022, during a low point in my life. I was feeling frustrated, depressed, and anxious for something more. I was emotionally spent, broke, and overwhelmed, and had little hope for my future.

Truth be told, starting a sock company wasn’t a childhood dream of mine, but I knew I wanted to help people.

One fateful day, at the height of my emotional despair, I found myself posting a tearful Facebook Live, declaring a 90-day challenge for myself. I wanted to change the trajectory of my life, and I was determined to set things in motion. One thing I knew I could change was my physical movement.

I understood that moving my body would help to change my negative mindset.

So, I started with simple walk/runs.

Slow and steady. Ninety days later, a habit was born.

Every other morning, when I heard the alarm clock go off at 5am, I would immediately pull on my bright, colorful tube socks (no, not compression socks), which provided me with comfort and motivation to work out.

The socks became a symbol of hope for me.

Their vibrant colors convinced me that, in moving my body, I could find joy and purpose. Running became my chosen form of movement.

With every run, I reached for my socks.

But, I quickly realized that cotton tube socks weren’t ideal for running.

As I experimented with longer running distances, I buried myself in research, consulted with experts, and explored different compression sock designs, compression levels, and materials.

Through this journey, I felt compelled to develop socks for other wannabe runners who are on their own wellness journey, who needed a spark of light to ignite their path.

Over the past years, I’ve slowly progressed from running one mile at a time, to conquering a full marathon, (another full marathon coming soon in London, April 2025) more than 8 half marathons and bunch of other races. 

I could not have done it without wearing compression socks.

At Be Light Compression, we design bold and inspiring compression socks that lift soles and inspire souls through hope and movement.

Our socks empower you to push forward and radiate positive energy, wherever life takes you.

So let’s all get up, get active, and let your light shine brighter with every stride.


With light and love,
April Pullins
CEO, Be Light Compression